The best of intentions

I started out this New Year with a new blogging schedule as my “resolution.”  Sunday was going to be the day I blogged about my writing (published works, works in progress, etc).  Tuesday was going to be the day when I talked about my opinion on some recent news item.  Thursday was going to be my free-for-all day.

Well, I started out strong on Sunday with “Six Sentence Sunday“, but I quickly fell flat on my face when I accidentally skipped Tuesday.  But on Wednesday I talked about my opinion on Legos  (I know, strong news stuff right there, haha.)  But I’m trying to redeem myself by starting back up today with my free-for-all.

Over this past week I’ve been seriously debating what to talk about in for my “personal day.”  Do I talk about coping with a serious shortage of sleep, dealing with the stress of possibly being unemployed in two weeks, SAD, or my challenges in writing?  I also have to talk about my prefered form of meditation, Yoga Nidra.  The list is endless!

After careful consideration I’ve decided to talk about challenges in writing.  Paisley is seriously enjoying her 9th grade year.  She loves her classes, is enjoying the speech team, and there may be a play coming up in the near future (but she doesn’t know that yet.) 

She also went on her first date recently, enjoyed her first kiss (while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”), and now has her first boyfriend.

This boyfriend business is where my challenge lies.  Do I really want to contribute more to our heteronormative society?   Just another literary work out there saying “this is what’s normal and acceptable”?  Because that’s not what I think in real life.  In real life I think that everyone should be loves and cherrished for what they are.  That most varieties of sexuality are acceptable (I say most because I think some people would count things like pedophilia in with sexuality.  And that’s definitely not okay.)

I’ve wresteled with maybe making one of Paisley’s friends gay.  A friend coming out to you would definitely be something you’d write about in your journal. At least, I would write about it in my journal, haha.  I really want to be inclusive of all types of people.  If for no other reason than because that’s the type of story that I’d want to read.

I’ve also thought about possibly making Paisley bisexual, or even a lesbian.  The problem with that is that I don’t know enough about what it’s like to be bisexual or lesbian to actually do justice to the story.  I want to include everyone, not turn them away because they can’t find someone they like in my story.

Ultimately, you have to write what you know.  I can only hope that what I know is as interesting to others as it is to me.

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2 thoughts on “The best of intentions

  1. Rachel, I love your wisdom at realizing everyone has to write what they know. But there’s always research, and with a little work, you could increase your knowledge ten fold. And then, I’m sure, there’d be no stopping you! 🙂

  2. Thanks Bella! There are many things that I know I could research (say, if I wanted to write historical fiction.) However, I am hesitant to write about something as intimate as sexuality because I feel like no amount of research could give me a good idea of what it’s actually like to live in our society as a non-heterosexual person.

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