Playing with Legos

Legos have been part of my life landscape since before I can remember.  Once every six years my family would get a huge selection of legos.  Lego sets were not part of our upbringing, we had to use our immaginations to build things.

Nonetheless, this article about the stereotyping of legos caught my attention.  The author of this particular article is talking about a new line of legos being created specifically for girls.  This world is called HeartLake City and (according to the author of the article) consists of a beauty parlor, cafe, bakery, clothing design school, vets office, and an inventors workshop.  I have to say, this seems like a fine variety of things for me (although I do have a small beef with the clothing design school.  Why not just a school?)

The “friends” in this lego set come with a purse, a hair dryer, four lipsticks, two barretts, spatula, electric mixer, two cupcakes, a puppy, and a pink notebook with butterflies on it.  This seems more like they’re trying to give a specific message to girls.  “You have to have an electric mixer on your person at all times.  You have to be prepared for a bake-off at a moment’s notice!”

However, the biggest problem I have with this lego set is the fact that you don’t actually have to build anything!  It comes ready to go.  They’re not real legos!  Or something, haha.

As I said in the beginning, the idea of lego sets is totally foreign to me.  Give me a bucket of legos and I’m happy as a clam.  However, I know that sets have a great place.  They teach spacial skills, instruction following, and help people to have a quantifiable goals to work toward.  There’s also a sense of accomplishment at knowing when you’re actually done.

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