Six Sentence Sunday

Well, it’s another week and one of Rebecca’s friends has been dying to be introduced to you during Six Sentence Sunday.  I skipped last week because it was Christmas and it was a pretty busy day.  Opening gifts at 6 am, church, lunch, and then driving home.  To state it lightly, I was pooped!  This week you get to see Rebecca’s waitress skills and become introduced to Stephen.

If you remember from last time, Rebecca had mentioned that her last photography show was a flop and that she was sure that at least one person would have liked her kittens eating flowers.

“So, I was just lying low and trying to be a good waitress. I thought that maybe I’d developed an idea- but I decided to run it by my most loyal customer. His name is Stephen and he comes in to get a plain cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake every day right before the dinner rush starts. I’ve gotten to know him pretty well and his opinions of my ideas are usually right. I still think the kitten and flower idea will take off but Stephen thinks I’m wrong.

It was a Thursday night and Stephen walks in and seats himself right in my section. I walked up to him, pen in hand.”

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