The Travel Bug – an entry in photos

When I was starting high school my grandparents told me that if I took French they would take me to France.  I was planning on taking French anyway, so this was just a super awesome incentive to actually learn the language.

My French I teacher was amazing.  I learned tons of things in her class and it was structured as I thought a foreign language class ought to be.  Unfortunately, my teacher for French II and III had a slightly different idea.  Instead of teaching us French we read a short play that was written in French.  He called it “immersion.”  He may have been successful if he had actually spoken to us in French and required us to speak French in the class.  Neither one of those was the case and the only thing I remember from those two years is “le flic” which is a slang term for “the police.” 

However, I did have the opportunity to go to France in 2006 just 3 short days after graduation.  It was a fantastic experience!

We spent about a week in Paris

It was a great time!  The food is amazing (even the McDonalds seemed fancy.)  There are W.C.’s on street corners.  The tourist souveniers seem exotic!  I even got a kick out of telling the locals that I didn’t speak English (admitting you speak English is like saying “Why yes, I would love to be swindled today.”)  Even having an extremely creepy guy try to pick me up on my way to church with my grandparents was kind of exciting.

However, we saw more than just Paris.  My favorite place on this trip was visting the Mont Saint Michael.
I'm the second one from the right
Other highlights include. . .
The Phantom of the Opera Chandelier
French cats sleeping under French cars!
After this experience, I definitely have “the travel bug.” I am hopeful that my next big adventure abroad will take me to Paisley, Scotland, all in the name of research, of course.

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4 thoughts on “The Travel Bug – an entry in photos

  1. Rachel, your trip to Paris sounds fantastic! Your comment of the creepy guy trying to pick you up made me chuckle! How like a Frenchman! I visited Paris a couple of years ago and am dying to go back. I still have not seen the many works in the Louvre( the lines were too long) and hope to be able to do so this year. As for the Eiffel Tower, doesn’t it take your breath away? 🙂

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