Versatility in Blogging

I am proud to announce that I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Ashley!  I have to admit, I’m pleased that this blog seems to versatile to people on the outside.  It can be difficult to spot the versatility in your own head, haha.

There are a few requirements that come with this nomination.  They are as follows.

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

3) Share 7 random things about yourself

4) Thank the blogger who nominated you

5) Add this graphic to your entry!

 So first, for the people that I want to nominate

Curses in Cursive – A graduate student at Fairfield University pursuing her MFA and working on her first novel.  In this blog, it’s quality, not quantity, that matter.

Life 2.0 – a mother writing about life through the lens of a new mom.  I hope to be as cool as she is when I have kids someday :).

Bookbabie – A writer and reader sharing thoughts and amazing photographs from her life.

One Sister’s Rant – Beautiful Bella makes me laugh every time I stop by her blog.  A fantastic writer with a big heart and a great camera.

Brute Reason – Miriam looks at the world in such a great way.  To be honest, she sees things a lot like I do.  I find it refreshing to have another 20-something with similar thoughts to me. (And yes, I know how selfish that sounds, haha.)

Clarissa’s Blog – An insightful blog talking about a variety of topics.  Definitely very versatile.  Sometimes Clarissa makes me laugh, sometimes she makes me think.  But always she  makes me want to be a better person.

Ashley Mashley – A refreshing view of life and it’s many twists and turns.

 Love Ashley– I know you might think it’s a cop-out to nominate the person that nominated me, but I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving.  She writes about a variety of topics and I love all of them!

Style Souk – I discovered her a few months ago with a fabulous entry about Adelle.  Since then she has continued to amaze me with her approach to fashion.

Minnesota Transplant – I always enjoy reading what my fellow Minnesotans (at home and abroad) are doing.  This is no exception 🙂

Love Letters to Strangers – The title alone would make me love it.  The authors proclaim it as a self-exploration blog.  Here you will find beautiful photos and amazing thoughts.

Journey of Discovery – I don’t honestly know what to say (because there is so much!)  All I can say is that the title is very telling about what you’ll find here.

The Feminist Files – My nomination list would be incomplete without this one!  She’s studying psychology and writing about her feminist thoughts.  I always feel uplifted after leaving here. – One of the best travel blogs I’ve ever come across.  Many travelers say “Oh well, you have to be there to understand.”  That is not the case here.  I actually feel like I’m visiting the places he’s going.  I love it!

So Real Tonight – This is the newest on my list of blogs I follow.  Jaimie is a fellow Minnesotan and student.  You can always find a great poem or quote on here.

On to number two. . . I will be informing the nominees as soon as this post is published!

Numero trois. . . Seven random things about myself.

1) I come from a long line of paper eaters.  That’s right, people who eat paper.  It’s kind of a family joke at this point.

2) I bite my nails.  Especially in stressful situations.  This blog entry is only the third since the semeter ended that I type without pain in my fingers.  I bit my nails down pretty far the first two weeks in December.

3) I love bread.  Seriously, I love it a lot!  I feel lucky to be able to wear a size 8 pant because if there’s any truth to bread making you fat, I should be really fat.

4) I almost never wear “regular” clothes when I’m at home.  As soon as I get home from being out it’s into baggy-ish t-shirts and sweat pants.

5) I run through many, many scenarios in my head to figure out how I’m going to react in any given situation.  I’ve become so adapt at it that these thoughts can just run in the background while I do other things.  If you ask me what I’d do if I found a rinocerous in my living room, I could probably give you a detailed plan as to what would happen.

6) I hate my teeth.  They’re really crooked and I’m not a huge fan.

7) I have a blood blister on my left thumb.  I got it last night.

And again, thank you so much to Ashley for nominating me for this award.  I sincerely appreciate it.

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15 thoughts on “Versatility in Blogging

  1. Rachel, congratulations on your award! Thank you so much for including me on your list! Wow! I’m honored. I really am. Reading these details about you, I realize we have so much in common! I also bite my nails, love bread, wear comfortable clothes EVERYWHERE, and hate my teeth! hee hee! To date, I still do not eat paper, but I’m not ruling out the possibility yet! Once again, thanks for the love, sister. It means a lot! 🙂

  2. Thanks Bella! Although, if anyone deserves this it’s you 🙂

    One of the most classic Kelson (my maiden name) paper eating stories are when my uncle was dating the woman who is now his wife. She was over for dinner and after dinner my grandpa and uncle tipped back their chairs, took their napkins, and slowly strated tearing pieces off and eating them. My (soon-to-be) aunt rushed into the kitchen and exclaimed to my grandma “Do I have to eat my napkin too!? I don’t want to eat a napkin!” My grandma graciously told her that she did not have to eat it, but nobody would judge her if she did.

  3. Thank you for the nomination! That means so much to me since I really didn’t have any intentions to be nominated for anything, let alone have people read my blog! I will definitely be checking out the other people you have nominated as well!

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