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This morning as I was doing my Twitter rounds I came across this article by Courtney Martin.  She argues that while young people are less religious they are actually reimagining what she calls “the ethical life.”  I have to admit, it’s a really good argument and I absolutely agree with what she has to say.  My question is, what does this look like in real life?  Specifically, what does this look like in a romance?

Over the last several months I’ve been hammering out an idea in my head for an unlikely love story.  The idea was presented to me by a man living in South Carolina.  The story is one in which an MRA (men’s rights activist) and a feminist fall in love.  As I’ve grappled with how something like this could actually happen I’ve gone over my own romantic history.  How did I end up falling for guys that fit the profile of my MRA character?  Because, well. . . let’s just say that I married the first guy I dated that didn’t fit that profile.

This article that Courtney wrote helped me to solifify an idea that came to me just a couple days ago.  It occured to me that maybe this guy became a full blown MRA after going through some kind of traumatic even brought about by a break-up of some kind.  I took it a step further and though to myself  “What if this guy was going to a Catholic divinity school and left it for a woman?  And then the woman brutally dumped him after he was inelligible to return to school?”  I’ll obviously have to do some research into how those types of schools work.  I was raised in the LDS church, so I have no idea how something like that works.  Officials in the LDS church do not go to school to learn how to be clergy.  In fact, the clergy of the LDS church aren’t paid at all. It’s certainly a different model.

What I do think would be a compelling story is if this guy slowly realizes that it is possible to be ethical without being religious?  But also that the woman in the story realizes that you can be ethical and religious.

I have to admit, I’ve spent less time thinking about the woman.  I know a lot of people like her.  I don’t know many MRA’s, and certainly not well enough to mesh characteristics together to a convincing character.

It looks like my research on Catholic divinity school will have to wait though.  I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Ashley and I’m really excited to start nominating others!

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