Announcing a new book!

Okay, so it’s not actually new.  It’s the same “The Life and Times of Rebecca Walker“, but it’s now also on Lulu for you folks that aren’t huge e-book fans.  I definitely understand, it can be nice to have something you can hold in your hands, turn the pages, write in it if you want.   If you click on the title of the book it should take you right to the Lulu page.

I have to admit, I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump the last few weeks.  The weather and the end of the semester have conspired against me to make writing for fun, well. . . not very fun.  Unfortunately that means that poor Paisley has been languishing in a Word Document, waiting for Christmas.  She’s so excited!  I can hardly blame her, Christmas is my favorite holiday too.  You might recognize some of her family’s Christmas traditions from things you’ve read on here.

One thing that I’ve been considering over the last few weeks is what kind of music Paisley likes.  I know when I was in 9th grade I wasn’t to aware of actual bands, I just liked specific songs.  I was unaware that a lot of the songs that I liked were by the same bands.  Okay, usually U2.  You can read about my lifelong obsession with that band here.  But I’m thinking that Paisley is going to get a C.D. for Christmas that is totally going to change that.  Music is a big deal and following a specific band can be life changing.  I know U2 has changed my life.  But so have other bands.  Music has carried me through difficult times and I owe a lot to those artists.

So, I’ll continue to think about what kind of music Paisley likes.  Her sister, Sadie, love the Beatles.  Maybe the polar opposite of that band.  What band was your favorite as a teenager?

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2 thoughts on “Announcing a new book!

  1. Rachel, think of it this way, now with the Christmas holidays, you’ll have plenty of time to get inspired! Carry a notebook around with you and scribble circumstances, anecdotes, situations that make you think, laugh, or cry. And then write about them! It’s what I do! My favorite band as a teenager? OMG, that was a hundred years ago, but always being the lover of R & B, I’d have to say, Earth, Wind and Fire. My father introduced their music to me when I was only 8 and instantly, I was hooked! I still listen to their songs! 🙂

    1. Bella, I’ll have to check them out :). I’ve been listening to U2 since I was in the womb. Needless to day, I’ve been a lifelong fan. Other than that I love classic rock. Boston, Kansas, Queen, etc.

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