Grade Nine

As you know, I haven’t been working a whole lot on Paisley’s 9th grade experience.  Unfortunately my real-life “junior in college” experience is getting in the way.  Research methods, stereotypes, and proofreading have been dominating my writing life.  Monday-Wednesday of this last week I was getting up at 5:40 am to work on a paper about stereotypes so that I could turn in a semi-decent paper.  As you may know, I am not a morning person and in my opinion that time of day should be outlawed.  It should simply not exist.

However, I have been thinking a lot about Paisley’s experience and what I can pull from my own 9th grade experience to help her out.  When I was in 9th grade I was not in high school, I was in junior high.

   This is what my Junior High looked like.  I can assure you, it was actually this cold.  I spent 8th and 9th grade basically freezing my butt off.  As the extremely strange Mormon       girl my experience was equally strange.  Throw in the fact that my clothes were distinctly un-cool and that I made a big deal if people swore in front of me I was possibly the           weirdest person at school.  I really don’t want this experience (that is largely in my mind, I’m guessing) to be the one that Paisley has. However, there are a few experiences             that I had that wouldn’t be horrible for Paisley to have.  Maybe this is wrong, but I think that some sort of bullying is an experience that everyone has during high school.                 Regardless of your clique, you will at least be teased a little bit.


Paisley is a fairly normal girl with a love for cool gadgets. She recently purchased a Kindle with some babysitting money.  She loves to read, enjoys the sports that she plays (at       this point, only volleyball) and is really good at school.  She worries about her appearance, gets really excited about Christmas, and is starting to have more of a social life.              One thing I wanted to make sure was incorporated was religion.  During my high school experience, most people attended confirmation on Wednesday nights.  Religion, and our faith type beliefs, were discussed a lot.  As a result, I spent a lot of time thinking about religion and how I felt about it.  I feel that this experience is somewhat common, especially in small towns.

I’m really excited for Paisley to finish out her first year of high school.  She’s half way done, and she has so much to learn.





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2 thoughts on “Grade Nine

    1. Thank you! To me, she is becoming more real every day. As a reader, I really appreciate following the story of characters that I can relate to. For example, I recently started reading The Hellfire Bride and I love it because I can actually relate to the main character. And I usually don’t like romance because the women in them like not like the women that I would want to be like.

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