Day Three in the wilderness

All right, my friends, NaNoWriMo is upon us.  I don’t usually write in the morning because my brain is just not aware enough.  In fact, my morning routine usually goes something like this. 

1) Drag myself out of bed and try to make it to the dresser without running into the bed.

2) Pray that I’m picking out matching clothes.

3) Step in the shower

4) Mindlessly check my e-mail or possibly put away dishes.  Basically something that requires no brain power.

5) After that, I am safe to operate kitchen appliances and I cook my breakfast.

6) Time to go to work!

I do the bulk of my writing after the work day.  I gather ideas during my interactions at work and class and then hop to it.  I am often serenaded by the sounds of confetti as Grunts get shot in the head (the Hanson household is excitedly getting ready for the re-release of Halo I.) 

To be honest, I wonder how Paisley is going to turn out, given the ambiance of our home.  I think she’s going to end up being a supernatural story lover, feminist, gamer, and sports enthusiast.   Honestly, it’s going to be great!

This morning my sweet husband sent me this article.  The products in it are amazing and I want them all (except for the door lock.)  My favorite would be the Dragon Dictate product.  For me, talking through writers block is really helpful.  It would be even better if the talking I was doing was actually helping me write my book!

What would your ideal product be?

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7 thoughts on “Day Three in the wilderness

      1. Aye; when you post, WordPress puts it in my inbox, so I see it right away. lol

        The new Halos are pretty exciting. 🙂

        Those are some pretty neat tools.

        My ideal product would be a space/time machine so that I can get more hours in the day.

  1. I’ve been working though a bit of writer’s block myself – must be one of those weeks.

    The Livescrive Echo is on my wish list!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been trying some new layouts to see how they feel and what-not.

      And at this point (and I’ll probably write more about this today) I’m writing every day, but it’s all been academic writing. Poor Paisley is stuck being excited about Christmas, haha.

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