Beauty is in the “eye” of the beholder

   Yesterday morning on my drive to work I was listening to the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, which is not something I intend to do often because my favorite person (Lena) on the show recently left.  But yesterday, all my other regular stations where playing ads and I forgot my iPod.  And honestly, I’m not usually crazy about morning shows.  I’d rather listen to music.

Anyway, they have someone from WCCO, Aristea Brady covering for Lena until they hire someone.  Yesterday she talked about an feature they were doing on WCCO that evening about what women were doing to increase their beauty. Apparently, the next big thing is eyelash extensions.  Because eyes are the window to the soul, it’s important to give them the best “frames” possible.

I find this idea to be somewhat interesting.  Partially because I like having long, thick lashes as much as the next lady. However, it’s also because I’m interested in the lengths (no pun intended) that women will go to to be beautiful.  Would you spend $300 for long, luxurious eyelashes?  I honestly don’t know if I could justify the cost. 

Finally, I’m interested in knowing why having eyelashes like the ones pictured above are more beautiful than just regular eyelashes?  Or why going to a salon for eyelash extensions (at $20 an eyelash) is better than investing in a volumizing mascara?  I use Maybeline volumizing mascara (when I actually wear it) and it run about $10 a tube.  That tube lasts me a year.  I realize this may not be typical of all women.  But even if you’re going through three tubes a year, it would be way cheaper than getting extensions. 

Why do we live in a society where every single part of us has to be pumped up artificially to be considered beautiful?

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13 thoughts on “Beauty is in the “eye” of the beholder

  1. I wrote about this subject (not eyelashes per say, but body image) on my old blog and I was thinking of reiterating it on my new one. It is such and interesting and important subject. I mean, there is no need to pay $300 for eyelashes or $20,000 for boobs. I don’t subscribe to societies need to push plastic surgery and expensive beauty products. I think society is flawed in making women think they need to look a certain way. The secret is being happy with yourself and loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. However, if a woman has a huge bump on the bridge of her nose or wears a negative A cup bra size and wants to invest in a set of natural looking boobs, go for it. No need to have low self esteem for an imperfection.

  2. “Why do we live in a society where every single part of us has to be pumped up artificially to be considered beautiful?

    Well — I can think of a few parts that don’t get artificially pumped up… we’re “supposed to” slim down, eliminate, and chop off bellies, buns, thighs. We’re “supposed to” lessen the amount of body hair we have. We’re “supposed to” minimize wrinkles and acne and eyebrows,

    Regardless, the effective message is “You’re perfect, as long as you change everything about you! Start spending money to mutilate your body today!”

    And people wonder why we’ve got body-image problems…

    1. Haha, no kidding. In regards to hair, it seems odd to me that we’re supposed to minimize as much as possible, unless it’s our eyelashes & the hair on the top of our heads. Very confusing message!

      1. In regards to hair or anything else, it’s something that a) changes constantly, and b) is primarily determined by the men in power. 30 years ago, women weren’t “supposed to” shave their pubic hair — then some men started making big bucks from porn with clean-shaven girls. 300 years ago, women weren’t “supposed to” be skinny/thin/slender, that would mean the same thing as “deathly ill” — but now we’ve got diet-this and slim-that and skinny-whatever…

  3. I definitely agree with you on the mascara front – why pay all that money when you can just use mascara?! There are too many pressures in society though, and if you were to conform to all those ideals, you’d be forever on a diet etc. etc. What’s the point? Why not just learn to be happy with yourself the way you are, and do what you want – you only have yourself to impress, I think.

  4. ” I use Maybeline volumizing mascara (when I actually wear it) and it run about $10 a tube. That tube lasts me a year”

    You should REALLY not keep mascara that long. It can carry dangerous bacteria and give you eye infections. Throw it out and get new every 6 months.

    1. Thanks for the tip Katie, I certainly appreciate you bringing it up. However, I’ve been taking this approach for nearly 10 years, and the only time I’ve ever had an eye infection is before I started wearing make-up. I guess I’ll just take my chances 🙂

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