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Elise Marion is an Indie author that writes character-driven romance stories filled with intrigue.  Her debut novel “The Third Son” combines elements of action, romance, and mystery. When Elise isn’t writing she enjoys cooking, singing, and spending time with her family.

1) Where are you from?
I was born in Florida but I was raised at Fort Hood, Texas. My father was a soldier and I married a soldier so I still live there.
2) When and why did you begin writing?
I wrote my first piece of fiction when I was only 12. I always loved to read, from the time I was 4. Since I had such an active imagination, writing just seemed to come naturally to me. I wrote my first novel, called Tiffany’s Dream, about a girl who wanted to be an Olympic ice skater. I loved to watch the Olympics and gymnastics and ice skating were my favorite sports to watch. I always wanted to take lessons, so I guess I was living vicariously through my characters. In high school I started writing poetry and and romance. Since romance was my favorite genre to read, it just made sense to continue to write in that genre as well.
3) Is there a message in your work that you want readers to grasp?
Since I write romance I think that biggest take-away from my work would be simply that love conquers all. I know it sounds cliche’ but I truly do believe it. The characters in my debut novel love each other but so much happens to keep them apart, but in the end, love prevails.
4) What books have influenced your life most?
As much as I love romance novels, I would have to go to a completely different genre to answer that question. Any books that touch on the African American culture have influenced me greatly. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, I find that these types of books remind me of my history, the history of my family. The Color Purple by Alice Walker is my all-time favorite book.
5) Are there any lfie experiences that influence your storytelling?
Unfortunately I’ve lived at Fort Hood for the last 23 years (since I was 2) and don’t have much experience outside of that. I have to really use my imagination when it comes to writing, which is fine because it is so active. I can hardly focus on one project at a time because the ideas are constantly flowing. I find myself wanting to write them all at once because I don’t want to forget the ideas!
6)What are your current projects?
Well, I am working on 2 projects at the moment. The first is the sequel to my first novel “The Third Son”, entitled “The Second Son”. I am really excited about it because I hadn’t intended to do a series when I started on “The Third Son”. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with one my secondary characters and decided to branch out. The second project is a short novella entitled “Fallen”, about an angel with healing powers who falls in love with the woman he is assigned to and has to make a choice between remaining an angel or giving it all up for her.
7)What was the hardest part of writing?
For me the hardest part is working around all of the everyday distractions in my life. As a stay at home mother of two I am constantly being interrupted by someone who wants something or needs something. It’s hard when I have ideas in my head i need to get down and I can’t stop right where I am and do it. But I do what I have to do; nap time and bed  time are my best bet for getting anything done.
8)What are some of the most interesting things you’ve learned while writing?
I think that I’ve learned more about myself than anything else as a writer. I’ve learned more about my own perserverence, determination and creativity.
9)What do you do in your spare time?
I love to cook, so I watch alot of cooking shows and experiment with new recipes. I also love to sing, and am in my church’s choir every sunday. When I’m not doing those things I’m spending time with my family.
10)How can your readers get in touch with you?
They can ‘like’ me at www.facebook.com/elisemarion86
You can watch the trailer for “The Third Son” here
And you can purchase Elise’s books at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance

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  1. I love your answer to #3. In my opinion that’s the best thing about romance novels – love always wins! 🙂

    And I know what you mean about how difficult it can be to manage writing as a mom. Sometimes I just want to lock myself in a quiet room with my laptop. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a quiet room in my house. lol

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