Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and sexuality

Ramona Flowers is my hero. No seriously, I think she’s amazing.  A couple weeks ago I talked about how I think Michelle Obama is amazing. I went as far as to call her my lady crush.  And yes, Michelle Obama is my lady crush in real life.  But nobody can compare to Ramona Flowers.

Ramona is someone I think all women can relate to and should want to be like.  In the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” Ramona invites Scott in for some tea because it’s freezing outside.  As you can probably imagine they end up making out and it seems to definitely be heading for sexy times. However, before anything like that happens Ramona stops and says, “I changed my mind,” Scott, being utterly confused says, “Changed it from what, to what?” Ramona replies with, “I don’t want to have sex with you Pilgrim. But I’m not going to put you out into the cold, you can sleep in my bed.”  Scott sportingly agrees and they spend a pleasant evening cuddling.

So, there are really two things happening here.  The first is, Ramona feels comfortable enough with herself to say that she just doesn’t want to have sex.  I think that’s really awesome and something that all people should feel comfortable saying.  The second is that Scott really doesn’t push the issue.  He doesn’t throw a fit, demand to be serviced, and then storm out when he doesn’t get his way.  Quite frankly, that’s amazing.

We need more examples of men and women like this in popular culture. Everyone needs to feel safe saying “no” and people need to be cool with hearing it.

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4 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and sexuality

  1. I’ve just recently entered the world of graphic novels and haven’t yet read the Scott Pilgrim series – your post has inspired me to check it out.

    Any others on your “must read” list that you could recommend?

    1. Hi Tracy! I’m actually pretty new to comic reading and the Scott Pilgrim series is the only one I’ve read. In terms of books, I would say that anything by Marian Keyes is a must read. She’s Irish and her sense of humor is AMAZING! 🙂

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