What’s it to ‘ya?

Well, today is the National Day on Writing.  As I’ve been considering what I’m going to write about, writing itself came to mind.  Why do I write, and what’s it to you?

As you’re reading this I feel I can safely assume that you place at least a little bit of value into what I have to say.  Hopefully my words will sometimes inspire you to action.  I feel that reading someone elses words creates a bond between those two people.  Sometimes it’s unseen, and sometimes that connection can become more tangable (like here, for example).  My words have an effect on you, your words have an effect on me.

The main reason that I write is because I often feel like there are characters floating around in my psyche that are just bursing to get out.  Imaginary friends that are just good and tired of being imaginary.  Another big reason is because a lot of these imaginary friends of mine want to see a better world (and hey, I do too) and if they can get out into that world they just might be able to make it a better place.

This is somewhat tangential, but bear with me.  I know individuals who are not interested in having children. Those who are trying to persuade them to change their minds often say things such as “Who knows, maybe your child will be the one to find the cure for cancer.”  This is true, but maybe not the best argument.  So those of you in that “not interested in having biological offspring” boat, stick to your guns.  🙂

But in a way, that’s how I feel about these friends of mine.  No, Paisley is probably not going to cure cancer. But it could be that her attitude causes you to be a little more kind.  Rebecca might just make you think a little harder about the joking comment you were going to make about sexual assault (and seriously, it’s not funny.  Don’t joke about it.)

But more than the stories of my imaginary friends, I want my story to be told.  I want to believe that as little pieces of my own life story see the light of day through my characters that you’ll feel like you get to know me a little better.  That my story is going to have some kind of an impact on you and that you’ll be able to identify with those pieces.

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