How much do you love your body?

This is how much I love my body!
(Okay, it’s also showing how excited I was for the SoundSational Parade at Disneyland)
I was reminded by sherites that today is “Love Your Body Day”!  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I like about my body.  Because I work in an environment where there are a lot of women on diets I have to remind myself a lot.  It’s surprisingly easy to get sucked onto the diet bandwagon, even if you don’t want to be on a diet.
Here is my list of what I like about myself.
1) I am really smart.  I know that sounds fairly egotistic, but I don’t think that women focus on how smart they really are often enough.
2)  I really like my neck.  It’s the prefect length for turtlenecks (which keep me nice and warm in the cold Minnesota climate!)
3) I like my butt, like. . . a lot.
4) I like that I’m strong enough to do anything I want or need to.
5) I like how good I am at planning things.
What do you like about yourself?

4 thoughts on “How much do you love your body?

  1. 1. I love my mind–devious, eccentric little genius that it is–and the way it happily keeps chugging away even if I feed it junk food like Cartoon Network or Summer Blockbusters.
    2. I love my eyes–I’m the only person I know who’s eyes can change color from dark chocolate, to sherry, to cognac depending on my mood
    3. I love my flexibility & my understanding of leverage–I’m not the strongest woman I know, but I can take on someone or something twice my size & do exactly what I want with it thanks to the victory of finesse over brawn.
    4. I love that while I have more curves than a mountain road, my body brings my fiance to his knees.
    5. I love my sensuality–the fact that I can take pleasure in touch, sights, tastes, sounds, sensations; I love being able to indulge my senses, and fully enjoy the life I was given.

  2. 1. I love my mind and creativity. As a man, sometimes we are judged on how macho we are and how much money we make but I love my creativity.
    2.I love my bald head. After having “Male Pattern Baldness” at 25 and initially getting upset. I decided to shave it all off. Now I think it is sexy. I love it.
    3.I love my body. I try to eat right and eat healthy and organic food. I have a pretty good metabolism as long as I treat my body right. I love the “New York” energy it has.
    4.I love my eye color, I have nice hazel eyes,
    5.I love my heart. That is the essence of who I am. It beats for me on its own.I love that deep down the heart is the essence of my soul. It wants to love and be loved. I love my soul. What is life but love?

  3. Rachel, I love the things you love about you! I love my hair, eyes, and curvy figure! I also love my assertiveness, independence and ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Oh, and I love my sense of compassion, kindness and my love of laughter. I love that I can laugh and giggle! 🙂

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