Who is my lady crush?

It would seem that my brain is in confession mode because I have another confession to make today.

I have a crush on someone.  Someone fabulous.  Someone who is not my husband.

**side note, I have more of what my friend Cheyenne may call “a crater” on my husband**

I have a lady crush on Michelle Obama.  To me she is the perfect woman.  She’s smart, motivated, well educated, supportive of her spouse and children.  I want to be like her.

She also “sneaks out” of the White House periodically to give her children a sense of normalcy while they’re basically living under a microscope.  I think that’s fabulous.  There’s also a little part of me that thinks it would be pretty cool to be famous enough to have to “sneak out” of my own house.

The sneaking out also brought to mind an experience I had when I was 17.  Since you’ll probably see Paisley do something similar in her last year of high school, I thought I’d share the experience.

I had my first “real” boyfriend when I was 17.  He was a pretty neat guy and I liked him a lot.  However, shortly after we started dating my family took a six week vacation to visit my grandparents in Oklahoma, go to a wedding in Arizona, and visit family in Utah.  I didn’t have texting so we tried to stay in touch through e-mail an MySpace (yeah, it was a while ago.)   But about a month in I realized that I really didn’t want to date him. Unfortunately, we worked together so I wasn’t sure how to break it off without being super awkward.  Luckily, he was going to college fairly soon after I returned so I figured I could wait until he left for school and then break it off.

However, as soon as my family got back from our vacation I went on a walk with the intent of catching up with my boyfriend.  My parents were not to happy about my walk (taken without their permission) and forced me to break up with him right then, about three weeks before he went to college.

This experience makes something of an odd angle to how fabulous Michelle Obama is for sneaking out to go to Target and how horrible it is to be a teen that sneaks out.

What experiences have you had with sneaking out?

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3 thoughts on “Who is my lady crush?

  1. I never needed to sneak out as I was growing up. People whom I at the time was interested in weren’t interested back. When I was living with Dad, I kept him aware of my doings; in return, I had a lot of freedom to do as I pleased. It helped that I didn’t party ever.

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