What do you cut when your budget gets cut?

Well, in the spirit of raising awareness about domestic violence I thought that talking about Topeka, Kansas would be fitting for today.  Yesterday, the City Council in Topeka, Kansas voted do decriminalize domestic violence in response to significant budget cuts.

The New York Times reports that “city leaders had blamed the Shawnee County district attorney for handing off such cases to the city without warning.”  What’s more, “county leaders accused the district attorney of using abused women as pawns to negotiate more money for his office.”

While I realize that budget cuts are effecting everyone on every imagineable level and that domestic violence is still going to (potentially) be prosecuted, this act is really unimaginable to me.  Symbolicaly, a city saying to individuals who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence that they don’t care about them or their experiences is horrible.  Taylor, the D.A. says that his priority is public safety.  Just because domestic violence happens in the home doesn’t mean it’s not a public concern.

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