Wedding memories

I recently got in touch with a friend I had in high school who is getting married at some point in the relatively near future.  Talking to him about it made me think about my own wedding which took place 9 months ago.

*please feel free to keep your pregnancy jokes to yourself*

Last October I was working the midnight shift as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and I hardly ever saw my boyfriend.  We had lunch every Monday, just for the chance to see each other.  One chilly Monday afternoon last November we were sitting in our usual booth at McDonalds and my sweet man said to me, “So, I think we should get married by the end of the year.”

I was so excited!  We had been living together (and yes, never seeing each other) for five months and I had made it clear that if we lived together we needed to be married within a year.

We decided to get married at our local courthouse.  Part of the reason was because we didn’t have any money (we’re still not exactly raking it in). The other part was because having a big wedding seemed like a massive hassle and we really didn’t want to deal with it.  Having a wedding is way better when you’re relaxed about the whole thing.

Despite our relaxed attitude toward spending the rest of our lives together, there were some major stressors.  At least there were for me, I’m not really sure about  my sweet man.

The main one was that everyone felt like they owned my wedding.  A friend of my mom’s gave me my wedding dress and I needed to get it altered.  My mom’s friend is a size 14 and I’m a size 8.  As I was at the alterations shop for the initial pinning of the dress.  As I was leaving another alteration customer asked me if I was getting married and after I confirmed that I was she went all stary eyed and talked about how beautiful a “Christmas wedding” would be.  After I told her we were getting married in the courthouse I got chewed out for not having her ideal wedding.   And this wasn’t the only experience I had that was like that.

In case you’re wondering, there isn’t really any kind of a point to this article.  I just like throwing things out there so you can get to know me.  I like to know a little something about authors as I’m reading their work and I assume others are the same.

So, peace out and create a great day for yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Wedding memories

  1. Rachel, I gravitated to your blog immediately after reading your comment, curious to know how the wedding experience had been like for you. Once again I have to say, good for your for celebrating this special day your way. II can’t believe how many people think it’s their God-given right to offer opinions even when they are not solicited. Personally, I feel the significance of a day such as this gets lost with all the fanfare of an elaborate wedding. And when you think about it, the bride and groom are often too stressed to enjoy their own wedding. Great post!

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